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Philips mobile power is gorgeously presented at the August Beijing Gift Show

2018-08-16 14:30:00 0

On August 14-17, the 28th "China Beijing International Gifts, Premiums and Housewares Exhibition" was grandly held in Beijing National Exhibition Center. The full range of Philips mobile power products successfully completed this exhibition.

In this exhibition, Philips mobile power supply faces the market with the image of high-end fashion. It shows the high-end brand temperament of Philips mobile power supply and the connotation of exquisite products in many aspects. The staff always embodies the Philips culture of "smart in simplicity". This exhibition not only showed Philips products but also the style of elites who grew up with Philips mobile power ...


  The design of the Philips booth is different from the design of other booths, and the periphery is designed with a prominent round light plate, so that customers can easily find the booth


  The elegant and pure makeup of the beauty front desk increases the overall beauty of the booth


  The staff are ready to go and gather at the booth at any time


  Philips mobile power booth gathers visitors from all walks of life, everyone actively understands the full range of Philips mobile power products


  Many old customers are visiting, and the staff is enthusiastically introducing relevant information of new Philips mobile power products


  Adhering to the principle of customer first, the staff patiently explained the advantages and operation of Philips mobile power to the visiting customers


  Professional customers visited, the staff introduced the knowledge and superiority of Philips mobile power products one by one, and left customer contact information to further promote cooperation


  Take a group photo with the company staff of the exhibition, high-quality products of large brands are not only popular with consumers, but also favored by cooperative enterprises


  DLP14000 laptop's savior, DLP6000 / DLP4000, 2 sets of output to meet the charging needs of tablets and smartphones


  DLP2000 is small and exquisite, the size of the card package, the mini mobile power supply can meet the emergency power backup needs


  DLP2300V is both a mobile power supply and a mobile phone case, DLP2261 suction cup mobile power supply


  DLP3201V machine line integrated dual output, DLP2201U can be attached to the back of the phone and can be used as a stand


  DLP3306 WiFi mobile power supply makes life truly free


  The new product is coming, it is unstoppable ... DLP8000C The Big Mac among the little ones, DLP5080 three sets of output two sets of input