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Philips Mobile Power and launch "Mobile Power Quality Alliance"

2019-05-26 13:55:00 0

On May 14th, Philips Mobile Power and launched the "Mobile Power Quality Alliance", which aims to provide consumers with high-quality and safe mobile power products to meet the needs of consumers for quality experience. At the same time, Philips announced the strict implementation of " portable mobile power enterprise standards"!

Jingdong Mobile Power Standards Signing Ceremony (from left to right are Chen Yuanze, product director of Ruishentong Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Tang Yishen, senior director of communications production and marketing department of Jingdong Group, and Chen Yu, senior director of decision support department of Jingdong Group Operations Management Department , Li Qiong, general manager of Tianxiang Group's domestic electronics market)

It is reported that " portable mobile power supply enterprise standard" is the first platform channel supplier mobile power supply product safety standard jointly launched by and international well-known quality testing agency Intertek. At present, due to the lack of national or industry standards, mobile power products have different levels, chaos, and even serious problems such as mobile power explosions. Although consumers know that the safety and quality of mobile power is very important, they do not know how to buy To high-quality products. The introduction of mobile power quality alliances and standards will promote the constant regulation of the mobile power industry and better protect consumer safety and shopping quality of consumers.

" Portable Power Bank Enterprise Standard", starting from the actual application scenarios of consumers, from the perspective of high and low temperature difference use, travel anti-shake, convenience of boarding, fire safety, etc., in the selection of batteries, watt-hour (Wh) logo Strict and detailed specifications are carried out in multiple dimensions such as labeling, shell endurance, cable flame resistance, charge and discharge protection, high altitude drop, electrostatic discharge, power consumption energy efficiency at high and low temperatures, number of interface plugs and unplugs, and stable voltage output. From the convenience of travel, stable performance and product quality, it truly achieves what consumers want and what consumers want. In the future, when consumers buy mobile power products, they only need to look for the logo of "Jingdong Mobile Power Quality Alliance" and select the price, appearance, etc. to finalize their favorite mobile power products, which greatly simplifies the selection, The process of choice. Philips solemnly promises to strictly implement the "Jingdong Portable Mobile Power Enterprise Standard" and strive to provide safe and secure mobile power products for everyone!

Has always relied on its own experienced R & D innovation and design team and a long history of brand accumulation, Philips mobile power supply to improve the user's overall user experience as its responsibility, focusing on creating efficient and safe mobile power supply products, trusted by consumers. Philips innovation for you, continue to create a safe, intelligent and efficient mobile power supply!