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  • Project Engineer

    description of job:

    1. The pre-project evaluation of new projects and the post-project planning are launched.

    2. Progress and project risk management and control during the establishment of new projects.

    3. Product performance optimization and cost control.

    4. Independently communicate with customers and suppliers to determine various technical and process requirements.

    5. Responsible for new products from project development to packaging and shipment, leading the whole process.

    Job Requirements:

    1. 25-35 years old, college degree or above, good English ability is preferred.

    2. More than 3 years of experience in digital electronic product project management. Familiar with the project from the project to the end of the whole process control. It has a certain understanding of the product from the mold release, assembly and production process, product surface treatment, and electronics, plastics, hardware accessories.

    3. Have good communication and coordination skills, teamwork awareness, work responsibility and work attitude.

    Company benefits:

    1. Working hours: Monday to Friday 9: 00-12: 00 am, 13: 30-18: 30 pm, weekend weekends. Enjoy statutory holidays with paid leave, and get paid annual leave after one year of employment;

    2. Purchase five insurances and one gold at the beginning, and the regular employees enjoy communication subsidies and performance bonuses;

    3. The company provides employees with holiday benefits (Lantern Festival, Women's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Winter Solstice Festival), birthday benefits and free food;

    4. Staff activities: staff travel, year-end party and other irregular activities (such as badminton competitions, table tennis competitions, group dinners, etc.);

    Ruishentong looks forward to your joining!