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Tie rod material: aluminum alloy

Stretching length: 775mm

Overall size: 29.5 * 30.5 * 164mm

Product weight: 115g

Battery capacity: 65 mAh

Input voltage: 5V

Input current: 500mA ~ 2000mA

Frequency band: 2400.0-2484 MHz

Center frequency: 2441.00 MHz

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0

Product Details

♦ ︎ Shake hands on the surface of carbon fiber without leaving fingerprints

♦ ︎ Bluetooth connection, no need to insert the audio cable, you can take pictures at will

♦ ︎ Aluminum alloy rod, anodized, lighter and more durable

♦ ︎ Fully foldable design, more space saving, easy to carry

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